Collection: Gardena Sileno

290% more efficient than the Parkside Mower from LIDL

Among the popular choices, the Gardena Sileno series stands out for its efficiency and silent operation. These robotic mowers cater to the needs of various lawn sizes with different models designed to provide Irish homeowners with a tailored gardening solution. The ease of installation and maintenance makes them a favourite for those looking to invest in their lawn's health and appearance while maximising their leisure time.

The Gardena Sileno range is engineered with user-friendliness in mind, allowing for a high degree of customisation and control. These mowers navigate through garden obstacles with precision, ensuring an even cut across the lawn. Their quiet operation is particularly significant to the Irish market, where maintaining peace and tranquillity is often as important as achieving a perfectly manicured lawn. Alongside, the after-sales support, including answers to frequently asked questions and accessibility to a variety of accessories, solidifies the Gardena Sileno as a smart choice for robotic lawn care in Ireland.