About us

Welcome to mowers.ie, where the future of lawn care is seamlessly woven with the charm of Irish tradition.

Our journey starts in the verdant fields of Donegal, where my brother Bruno and I, Barry, spent our formative years surrounded by the rich tapestry of landscapes that are the heartbeat of Ireland's essence. The farm life ingrained in us the virtues of diligence and the significance of stewarding the earth. Amidst this natural splendor, we cultivated not only the crops but also a profound respect for the synergy between the rhythms of nature and the advancements of technology.

In the bustling heart of Ireland, we established mowers.ie, driven by the ambition to redefine garden maintenance through innovation and seasoned know-how. As specialists in Robotic Lawn Mowers, our dedication over the past 6 years has positioned us as pioneers in the domain of automated garden care, empowering our customers to relish the beauty of their outdoor spaces with unparalleled convenience.

We, at mowers.ie, are deeply committed to forging a bond of trust with you, our customers. Recognizing that a Robotic Lawn Mower represents more than just a purchase—it's an investment in your sanctuary and leisure. Our expertise is the fruit of years of meticulous learning and a passion for excellence, ensuring that each product in our selection is at the pinnacle of technology and tailored to your needs.

Integrity and transparency are the cornerstones of our approach. Our expert team, including my brother Bruno and myself, are not only authorities in the field; we're also dedicated homeowners who value both our time and our lawns. We stand ready to guide you, offering bespoke advice and insights, so you can choose with confidence and peace of mind.

Our customer service is as warm and reliable as the Irish welcome, dedicated to providing you with the support and assurance you deserve. From your first inquiry to our comprehensive after-sales care, we're invested in cultivating enduring relationships with our customers, built on the trust that has been our foundation from the very start.

As mowers.ie continues to grow, our roots remain deeply entrenched in Irish soil. We're not just purveyors of mowers; we're enhancers of lifestyles, one garden at a time. Embrace the future of gardening with us, where tradition and innovation converge, and every freshly trimmed lawn is a testament to our unwavering dedication.

Welcome to our mowers.ie family. Together, let's craft the perfect backdrop for your moments of serenity and delight.

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