LIDL Robot Mower Review (Parkside Model)

LIDL Robot Mower Review (Parkside Model)

Lidl Parkside 20V 500m2 and 1000m2 Robot Mower Review - Unbiased Insights and Top Alternatives

Overview of Domestic Robot Lawn Mowers

When embarking in a journey to find the right robot lawn mower, the Lidl Parkside Mower 20V PMRDA 20-Li A1 can caught your eye as a budget-friendly option, catering for spaces up to 1000m². It seems an enticing choice for a 500m² robot mower costing only €199. However, the romanticism can quickly wan upon a closer examination of its capabilities in a real-world setting.

We used to offer the Parkside Robot Mower 500m² at a competitive price of €189, which was even €10 less than LIDL's €199 attractive offer. However, our experience with this model took a turn. We encountered a significant number of returns and faced various issues with the mower's performance and reliability. After careful consideration, we made the decision to discontinue selling this particular model.

Instead, we now recommend the Gardena Sileno and Bosch Indego robot mowers. These alternatives have proven to be more reliable and have garnered positive feedback from our customers. Since we've started offering these brands, we're pleased to report that we haven't had any complaints or returns. It seems that investing in these trusted brands has been a win-win for us and our customers.

Contents of the Package:

  • A main base station complemented by a power adapter and spikes to anchor it in place
  • 200 metres of perimeter wire with 350 pegs to delineate mowing boundaries
  • An upgraded 4Ah battery promoting extended operational time

Installation Considerations: Initial setup involved meticulous planning, measuring the garden using satellite imagery to ensure the right placement of the perimeter wire while factoring in obstacles and no-go zones. When establishing insular zones around items such as trees, the instructions were somewhat obscure, leading to potential miscues during wire placement. Despite these challenges, I was able to get my Lidl Parkside mowers operational.

However, the practical realities set in. Choreographing the robotic mowers' movements to sync with my garden's split design proved to be cumbersome. They faltered with complex layouts and the logistics fell short of my expectations.

  • Ease of Use: While the product is easy to engage with, setups requiring meticulous boundary settings may find users in a bind. The manual's guidance on base station orientation and wire routing is less than crystal clear, leading to potential mishaps and inefficiencies.

  • Terrain Handling: We discovered limitations in the mower's ability to tackle gradients and navigate complex lawn territories, with instances of going astray when confronting inclined surfaces.

In light of these findings, those with intricate garden designs or varied terrain may consider alternative machines that excel in adaptability and navigational astuteness. For example, options such as the Gardena Sileno Mower models, suitable for 250m² and 500m² respectively, have a strong reputation for their robust navigational prowess and are a solid choice for smaller, complicated spaces.

Similarly, the Bosch Indego S 500 emerges as a noteworthy contestant, well-regarded for its intelligent navigation and efficient lawn management, perfect for areas up to 500m². Its logicut system maps out the lawn and plans the most efficient route, which could be an edge over simpler systems.



For those with a larger canvas and more demanding garden topography, consider the Mammotion LUBA 2 AWD 1000. Its 4-wheel drive system powers through uneven terrain and steep gradients that lesser models might balk at. It's well-suited for spaces that extend up to 1000m², offering a keen sense of autonomy and terrain management that my Lidl Parkside mowers lacked.

From the vantage point of my experience, investing in a robot lawn mower that matches your garden’s complexity is pivotal. The sweet spot lies in balancing affordability with the technological sophistication necessary for your specific lawn layout and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits and Drawbacks of Parkside Robotic Mowers

When considering a robotic lawn mower, the Parkside models offer some distinct advantages and disadvantages. Pros include their ability to cover areas up to 1000m², which is quite extensive for residential use. They are also equipped with powerful 20V lithium-ion batteries, providing about 45 minutes of mowing per charge. This makes them suitable for managing medium-sized gardens without frequently recharging. Cons, however, encompass difficulties with handling complex garden shapes and terrains, especially if there are obstructions like pine cones or intricate landscaping. Additionally, the durability of some components like the castor wheel has been questioned in user reviews.

Price Comparison with Other Mid-Range Robot Mowers

In terms of price, the medium-sized garden model of the Parkside robot mower can be considered economical when placed side by side with competitors. However, options like the Bosch Indego S+ 500 offer similar garden coverage with the added benefit of intelligent navigation technology, which can justify any additional cost for those seeking advanced features.

Performance on Complex Gardens

Regarding the capacity to navigate complicated garden layouts, the Parkside mowers may face challenges due to limited advanced navigation. Conversely, products like the Mammotion LUBA 2 AWD 1000 have enhanced navigation and all-wheel drive, making them superior performers on undulating and intricate terrains.



Energy Usage During Operation

Energy consumption for the Parkside robotic mowers averages around the typical range for similar devices. A full battery charge allows for up to 45 minutes of mowing, which in practice means they are efficient enough for maintaining small to medium-sized lawns without excessive recharging.

Interface and Accessibility of the Mobile App

The operational ease of the mobile application for the Parkside mowers is adequately user-friendly, allowing for basic controls and scheduling. However, it may not offer the same depth of features and user experience as more advanced systems like the Gardena Sileno, which have a more polished app interface for refined control over the mower's functions.

Acquiring Spare Parts for Parkside Mowers

Replacement parts for Parkside lawn mowers can generally be found at Lidl outlets or ordered through the Lidl website. However, availability may be subject to current stock, which can be a limitation if immediate parts replacement is essential.

Acquiring Spare Parts for Parkside Mowers

Replacement parts for Parkside lawn mowers can generally be found at Lidl outlets or ordered through the Lidl website. However, availability may be subject to current stock, which can be a limitation if immediate parts replacement is essential.

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