Collection: LUBA Lawn Mowers

Introducing an innovative robotic lawnmower, the Luba, which boasts some impressive features setting it apart from traditional models. The Luba has been engineered with all-wheel drive and operates without perimeter wires, promising heightened mobility and ease of use, especially on uneven terrain. With dual cutting discs, it possesses an expanded cutting width of 16 inches, allowing for more efficient mowing sessions.

Aesthetically, it's quite striking, resembling a high-speed race car, but what truly captures my attention is its functionality. The front bumper is loaded with sensors, providing obstacle detection that, unlike the robots of yesteryear, prevent collisions by sensing objects before impact. The omnidirectional front wheels ensure smooth movement and turf protection, while integrated shock absorbers keep the cutting deck stable. What's more, built-in rain sensors offer the intelligence to refrain from mowing in adverse weather, and a safety key activation system ensures secure operation. Now, let's see how Luba performs in action, noting its precision mapping, various mowing modes, and resilience in navigating garden challenges.

Key Takeaways

  • The Luba robotic lawnmower is wire-free, with all-wheel drive capable of handling slopes and uneven lawns.
  • It features dual cutting discs for a broader mowing path, advanced sensors to avoid obstacles, and omnidirectional wheels for turf protection.
  • Operational highlights include precise GPS mapping for custom mowing areas, weather-adaptive sensors, and an efficient safety key system.
  • Mowing and Navigation:

    • Mapping: I can define mowing areas by driving Luba around the desired perimeter, creating up to 10 zones with distinct mowing schedules and settings.
    • Confinement: No-go zones are programmable to prevent Luba from disturbing specific areas such as flower beds or pools.
    • Performance: Offering multiple mowing modes tailored for speed or grass length, Luba navigates methodically, ensuring consistent coverage.
  • Setup and Control

    • Satellite Receiver: At the heart of Luba's navigation is the satellite receiver, ensuring a precision of down to one centimetre. I mount it to ensure unobstructed sky exposure.
    • Application Integration: An accompanying mobile app for iOS and Android simplifies setup and control, offering interactive guidance during initialisation.
  • Tackling Slopes and Lawn Irregularities

    • LUBA can mow the steep slope up to 70% (37°), and handle the complex lawns and thick tall grass, making it ideal for irish lawns.

    • The all-wheel-drive system ensures exceptional handling across diverse lawn terrains. The rear rubber tyres are robust, and the omnidirectional front wheels adjust to movement, including lateral motions, preventing any damage to the grass. Small shock absorbers help maintain a level cut, even when the wheels encounter uneven ground.