LUBA RTK Signal Explained

LUBA RTK Signal Explained

LUBA RTK Signal Explained for Your Lawn: Precision and Efficiency Unveiled

Step 1: Choosing the Right Lawn spot for your LUBA

LUBA's RTK station signal can cover areas up to 45,000 square metres and can even pass through walls for accurate positioning. However, some lawn conditions are not ideal for LUBA. These include lawns smaller than 200 square metres, lawns with over 30% tall walls or trees, boundaries with more than 50% tall trees or walls, and narrow lanes with both tall trees and high walls over 30%.

Not Suitable Lawn Conditions

If your lawn has a lot of tall walls or trees, send your lawn's Google Map view to for a detailed check.

Step 2: Tips for RTK Antenna Station Placement

For the RTK reference station and the LUBA mower to work efficiently, they need at least a 90° open-sky view. This clear view helps ensure a strong and consistent signal across your lawn.

Wrong Locations for RTK Reference Station

  • Under large trees
  • Near tall buildings
  • Inside narrow lanes with high walls or trees

Wrong Locations for Charging Station

  • Inside garages
  • Near large metal structures

Step 3: Setting Boundaries and No-Go Zones

Check Signal Strength in App: Use the Mammotion App to monitor signal strength. If there are areas with poor satellite reception, adjust the boundaries in the app.

Maintaining Distance from Obstacles: Keep the mowing boundary away from high trees, walls, and narrow lanes with high structures.

Creating No-Go Zones: Set no-go zones around static obstacles like trees, flowerbeds, and swimming pools. For trees with crowns wider than 2 metres, the boundary of the no-go zone should match the tree's crown.


Step 4: Handling Poor Satellite Signal

If the RTK positioning detects errors or poor satellite signal in certain areas, LUBA can move to an open-sky area to regain navigation. You can also manually adjust the boundary using the app.

Mammotion offers FOTA upgrades to enhance mowing performance. New mowing modes allow for remote control in boundary draw-away zones, offering a fun, remote-controlled mower experience.

By following these tips and adjustments, you can ensure LUBA maintains your lawn efficiently.

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